Local Delta Kappa Gamma chapter attends state convention in Indianapolis

Staff Reports

Delta Kappa Gamma Society International recently conducted its state convention in Indianapolis, and had representation from its Bartholomew County-based Tau Chapter. Chapter co-president Lynette Farless and second vice-president Sue Linder attended the conference April 28 to 30.

The professional honor society has more than 73,000 members in 17 countries throughout the world. The society’s mission is to provide professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.

The International guest speaker, Bjorg Nakling from Norway, entertained with ideas about continuing the historical work of the founders and former DKG members into the future by connecting with one another through the chapter projects. A former Miss Norway, Bjorg told personal stories of growing as a DKG member though her participation in many of the leadership development and training opportunities offered by our organization.

Linder expertly guided the group during the opening and general business sessions through the approval of seven bylaw amendments and three standing rules amendments.

Farless appreciated the gift Tau Chapter gave her to attend the 2017 DKG State Convention. “It was a meaningful, helpful period of training and dialogue with other past and present enthusiastically devoted educators throughout the state. DKG in Indiana is thriving through the dedication of many. Our local sisters make me proud to be a member of Tau Chapter,” she said.

During the past year, the Tau chapter has been involved in the Granny Connection, Schools for Africa, Girl Scouts, Literacy Task Force, Bright Beginnings, Marjorie Hooten Funding for training, scholarships and BCSC Professional Growth opportunities. The chapter received one of the four Golden Key Honors given for its work. The May 11 meeting honor new scholarship winners.

Sherleen (Sherri) McKinney was remembered as an important member of the Tau chapter. She passed away in March and was involved in most every project of the chapter, as well as many other organizations throughout the community. Her involvement in the Granny Connection has led Tau to be very involved in sewing projects for the children in Africa.

There were 67 women honored by DKG as Women of Distinction. Tau member Janice Montgomery received the Alpha Epsilon State Women of Distinction Award. She recently was named as the BCSC Hall of Fame recipient. Montgomery has served as second vice president in the Tau chapter and is active in the organization’s work and community education.

The local Tau chapter has almost 90 members working in the community to further educational endeavors.

For more information about the organization: contact co-presidents Lynette Farless at farlessl@comcast.net or Cheryl Zuckschwerdt-Ellsbury at czucks@tls.net.