March Birth Records 05-11

Ruben Delgado Fonseca and Teresa Almaguer Puente, daughter, March 1.

Damen Louis Martin and Anna Nicole Peters, daughter, March 1.

Jeffrey Wayne West and Charlotte Renee West, daughter, March 2.

Jordan Andrew Zachary and Ashley Michael Slack, daughter, March 2.

Craig Adam Waltz and Desiree Marjene Waltz, daughter, March 2.

Gerald David Wilson and Ashley Nicole Winchester, son, March 2.

James Raymond Sachleben and Ashley Nicole Sachleben, daughter, March 3.

Travis Shawn Close and Lacey Trenelle Close, son, March 3.

Misha Janae Pearl, son, March 3.

Jeremy Scott Kampe and Charlene Ann Kampe, daughter, March 3.

Zachary Allen Doremus and Anna Marie Pelfrey, son, March 4.

Wendell Ray Batchelor and Ayla Nicole Matherly, daughter, March 5.

Alexandra Justeen Calhoun, son, March 6.

Brandon Linn Suns and Elizabeth Faye Dawn Denney, son, March 6.

Rigoberto Laiz and Elizabeth Diaz, son, March 6.

Jeremy Matthew Carie and Melissa Ashley Carie, daughter, March 6.

Kyle Ernest Smith and Chelsea Leigh-Ann Tice, son, March 6.

Carlos Dominguez Cruz and Lorenia Marquez Morales, daughter, March 6.

Caleb Durward Smith and Nakisha Nichole Smith, daughter, March 7.

Devin William Hupp and Rhiannon Lashel Hiner, son, March 7.

Roger William Turnquist and Stacia Dawn Turnquist, son, March 7.

Mithun Satyakumar and Pallavi Bangalore Srinivasa Murthy, daughter, March 7.

Kevin Lee Louden and Elisabeth Ellen Hill, son, March 7.

Bashirul Alom Polash and Jing Wang, daughter, March 7.

Chey Thomas Gorsuch and Amanda Marie Gorsuch, daughter, March 7.

Jonah Matthew Sullivan and Brittany Lynn Sullivan, son, March 8.

Rogelio Lopez-Ibarra and Johann Enid Maldonado-Santiago, son, March 9.

Krisandra Caely Creech, daughter, March 9.

Abhishek Anil Manekar and Mohor Ramchandra Gosavi, daughter, March 9.

Andrew Jay Higginbotham and Claire B. Higginbotham, son, March 9.

Kelby Renay Leonard, son, March 9.

Jordan Elliot Jones and Robin Elizabeth Jones, daughter, March 9.

Troy Joshua Staggs and Dinah Blue Staggs, son, March 9.

Jason Duane Butler and Neea Danielle Butler, son, March 9.

Sadie Dawn Carman, daughter, March 10.

John Whittington and Lynn Whittington, daughter, March 10.

Joshua Lewis Swain-Hester and Bethany Anne Sawin-Hester, son, March 12.

Laciea Marie Delay, daughter, March 12.

Kricket Dawn Smith, son, March 12.

Krishna Kanth Peddu and Siri Katragadda, son, March 13.

Andrew Martinez and Brenda Cecilia Neave, son, March 13.

Venkata Ramana Pentapati and Sarojinidevi Nunna, daughter, March 13.

Sage Fontana Lacey, daughter, March 13.

Alex Matthew Taggart and Kari Ann Taggart, son, March 13.

Nicholas Brian Paul Hunt and Hannah Leigh Voyles, son, March 13.

Jacob Luther Thomas and Melinda Marie Thomas, daughter, March 14.

Skyler Wayne Sexton and Chasiti Ann Napier, daughter, March 14.

Isreal Ray Villarreal and Amanda Renee Villarreal, daughter, March 14.

Mitchel Lee Gearharrt and Cathryn Ivybelle Gearhart, daughter, March 14.

Chase Michael Schneider and Halie Janelle Schneider, son, March 14.

Zackary Ross Mires and Jasmine Manessa Mires, daughter, March 15.

Thirubalan Arumugam and Dhivyaprabha Elango, son, March 16.

Dustin Adam Allen and Laura Anne Bland, son, March 16.

Korey Neal Woods and Rebecca Susan Pebley, son, March 16.

Dante David Alexander Burnett and Laura Beth Burnett, son, March 16.

Ramachandra Sunkari and Santosh Ripudhamani Rangam, daughter, March 16.

Roy Stanley West and Traci Nicole West, son, March 16.

Steven Michael Fletcher and Tessa Nicole Fletcher, son, March 16.

Juan Neftali Aguilar and Maria Rebeca Guevara, daughter, March 16.

Justin Adam Perkins and Kara Kristine Perkins, daughter, March 17.

Victoria Nicole Craft, son, March 17.

Christopher Allen Jones and Kylene Renee Jones, daughter, March 17.

Logan Michael Shuppert and Bethany Lenay Shuppert, son, March 17.

Joshua Matthew Falor and Tiffany Rose Falor, daughter, March 18.

Dane Anthony Konetzka and Leah Michelle Konetzka, daughter, March 18.

Keaton Daniel Shoultz and Chelsea Renae Shoultz, daughter, March 18.

Brandon Creighton Southworth and Erika Michelle Southworth, son, March 19.

J. Eric Hunt and Hannah Grace Hunt, daughter, March 19.

Hosman Donay Calderon and Melissa Jordan Calderon, son, March 20.

Ryan Christopher Lee Purvis and Bethany Alyssa Lefler, daughter, March 20.

Chad Allen Davis and Audra Irene Burkhart, daughter, March 20.

Benjamin David Snider and Brandi Jo Snider, son, March 20.

Joshua Paul Mayberry and Devin Mayberry, daughter, March 21.

Joe Knorriegga Mukinni and Alexandrea Len Mukinni, son, March 21.

Thomas Lee Barnes and Samantha Louise Barnes, son, March 21.

Miguel Angel Aguinaga and Erika Liliana Gutierrez, daughter, March 22.

Ravi Krishna Polavarapu and Sree Lakshmi Lavu, son, March 22.

Michael Robert Lewis Cheh and Danielle Jessica Cheh, daughter, March 22.

Brandon Michael Nease and Victoriana Ann Ortega, son, March 22.

Sidclei Oliveira Silva and Mirineide Lopes Silva, daughter, March 23.

Karla Kristine Colwell, son, March 23.

Nathaniel Sage Grills and Amber Renee Grills, daughter, March 23.

Joshua Dale Wood and Taylor Nicole Wood, son, March 23.

Brandon James Parsley and Megan Suzanne Halstead, daughter, March 24.

Ligong Yang and Yuxia Wang, daughter, March 24.

Amit Pramod Gabale and Uma Amit Gabale, daughter, March 24.

Christopher Michael Chappell and Kaneesha Angelica Chappell, daughter, March 25.

Fredy Juan Cardenas Lopez and Laura Kajiyama Velasco de Jesus, daughter, March 25.

Barton Gerald Phillips and Constance Marie Phillips, son, March 25.

Brandon Bush and Hayli Shea Bush, son, March 26.

Jeffrey Edmond and Alexandra Edmond, daughter, March 26.

Linga Murthy Kotagirl and Kundana Inala, daughter, March 27.

Christina Rachelle White, son, March 27.

Joshua Matthew Sinclair and Melissa Jane Sinclair, daughter, March 27.

Todd Michael Palmer and Tabitha Anna Jost, son, March 28.

Anthony Ray Hendrickson and Harley Marie Asher, son, March 28.

Abiodun Ayodele Babalola and Omolade Angela Babalola, daughter, March 28.

Joseph Hill Blanchard and Suzanne Rowe Blanchard, son, March 28.

Scotty Lynn Perry and Teisha Rose Perry, daughter, March 28.

Hunter Alan Wildey and Holly Jo Rose, son, March 28.

Austin O’Neal Emerson and Noelle Marie Emerson, daughter, March 29.

Saul Antonio Castillo and Evelin Patricia Rivera, daughter, March 30.

Alvin Clayton Arnett and Jennifer Ann Arnett, son, March 30.

Thomas Bradley Clark and Karen Marie McKinney-Clark, daughter, March 30.

Dana Erik Roberts and Tessa Renee Tucker, daughter, March 31.

Braxton Gregory Vincent Ison and Alison Marie Solomon, daughter, March 31.

Jesus Antonio Muniz Vasquez and Cindy Dominguez Muniz, daughter, March 31.

Mark Nozomu Halvorsen and Rie Halvorsen, daughter, March 31.

Chad Daniels Buehler and Jasmine Jane Buehler, son, March 31.

Justin Michael Thompson and Harley Marissa Combest, daughter, March 31.

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