WASHINGTON — The Latest on the Supreme Court’s “burper” case (all times local):

10:40 p.m.

The case of the burping teenager is heading to Neal Gorsuch’s court once again.

When the newest Supreme Court justice was an appeals judge, he dissented in the case of a New Mexico student accused of disrupting class with fake burps. Now that case is coming before the Supreme Court.

Usually a justice steps aside when a previous case in which he’s ruled reaches the high court. Justices may decide as early as Monday whether to deny the burping case a hearing.

Gorsuch sided with the seventh-grader, who was handcuffed and arrested. Lawyers for the boy’s mother are citing Gorsuch’s dissent, in which he wrote that arresting a “class clown” for burping was going “a step too far.”

The issue is whether the mother has a right to sue the arresting officer.