Around Town – May 18

Orchids to …

• Mr. Wetherald, Mrs. Harden, Ms. Larson, Mr. Payne and all the chaperones for taking the Smith Elementary sixth graders on an awesome trip to St. Louis.

• PAAL basketball coaches who teach boys how to play the game competitively while showing good sportsmanship and great teamwork.

• Columbus Police Department Lt. Matt Harris and patrolwoman Alyson Rech for leading the discussion at our kickoff Neighborhood Watch Program on May 15.

• Rita Jewell Carr for helping.

• all the people who contacted me during the day to check on me, and those who made telephone calls or stopped me on the street.

• Makayla Woodcock and Katelyn Borroughs for your hard work on raising suicide awareness.

• Sharon at the Centra Credit Union on West State Road 46 for being so helpful with the bank in New Albany.

• Four Seasons Retirement Center for the delicious luncheon you prepared and served to the Bartholomew Area Retired Teachers Association on Tuesday, from a happy member.

• the Colts organization and Southside parent volunteers for making the Colts Big Blue Football Camp a success and a great learning opportunity for our fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students.

Onions to …

• people who think the enjoyable “American Pie” musical should be changed to a student recital.

• people who think illegal immigrants pay property taxes and income taxes like the rest of us.

• officials who claimed up to 15 trains per day when requesting federal government approval but now state up to 22 after receiving it.

• those for the lack of impact fees for new developments which leaves the rest of us paying for the infrastructure.

• employers who take their employees for granted.

• the eight golfers who played in front of the league, making play slow and the office staff who allowed it to happen.

• adults who walk around with a cellphone in their hands.

• people who do not respect funeral processions.

Happy Birthday to …

• William H. Rose, from Sharon.

• Pat Beatty, from Mike, Leslie, Nathan, Mom and Ziggie’s.

• Keshia Loweth, from Bronson, Nick and family.

• Dennis Dailey and Teresa Greathart from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Ezekial Titus Phelps, from Elsie.

• Cody Hampton.

• Jade Barajes, from Grammy and Pappaw.

• Betty Kirk, from Jean Patrick.

• Miley Wilcox, from Aunt Jean.

• Leon Eddleman, from Linda Cutrell and Katie.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Owen Wilson on No. 95, from your family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Gordon and Darylene Blancett on No. 31.