ANDERSON, S.C. — Investigators are trying to find a South Carolina sheriff’s deputy gun missing from his patrol car.

The backup revolver was missing from a deputy’s car after windshield was repaired. Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride told local media outlets. The officer learned the gun was missing when he picked the vehicle up May 3.

The windshield was broken at a T.L. Hanna High School baseball game April 27, a sheriff’s report states. The deputy, whose name was not released, said he was with the vehicle and no one had access to it then.

He took the car to the sheriff’s in-house repair shop, where some jail inmates work. McBride said five inmates were working there at the time and all passed polygraph tests.

“We erred on the extreme cautionary side to try make sure none of the inmates did this,” McBride said. “We questioned every one of them and tossed their living quarters. We don’t believe they did this.”

McBride said a glass repair business also had access to the vehicle.

“We talked to the people there and they are good folks,” McBride said. “We don’t believe anyone there has bad intentions.”

The sheriff said the search for the gun is continuing.