Letter: Courtesy, respect two-way street for customer service

From: Ann Martin


I felt compelled to challenge Dexter Fravel’s recent letter regarding customer service workers. The other side of the coin needs to be displayed. Did it not occur to him that politeness, courtesy and respect are a two-way street? He obviously has had little or no experience in dealing with the public.

Upon entering an establishment, people can be rude, demanding, intimidating, obnoxious, insulting, crude (the list goes on), for absolutely no reason. They have no intention of behaving in a civilized manner. They think they can bully their way to getting what they want. This behavior has gotten much worse in recent years.

While his letter focused on fast food restaurants and store cashiers, the unacceptable behavior I’ve described is displayed by some “customers” everywhere. As an example, even some doctor’s offices have felt it necessary to post notices that such behavior won’t be tolerated and will result in the patient being dropped from the practice.

I cannot recall a time I’ve truly been treated rudely by someone in any type of customer service in Columbus. I make sure I treat everyone I deal with courteously and respectfully. And bear in mind that the average employee of a service-oriented establishment, even after being on their feet for many hours, completing other duties and encountering a seemingly endless stream of rude, boorish people, still would rather give customers friendly and superior service if they would just give them a chance.

You reap what you sow.