The city’s bike-sharing program, ColumBIKE, began one year ago. It offers people the opportunity to rent a bicycle from kiosks located around the city and use it for exercise, tourism or getting from place to place for work.

It has been a nice addition to the city’s public offerings.

Equally nice is that the Columbus Park Foundation, which launched and operates ColumBIKE, has listened to feedback from first-year users and is implementing changes to the pricing structure and checkout times to make the experience even better.

Riders now have one hour to use a rented bike before checking it in at a kiosk, instead of every 30 minutes under the previous program. Riders with monthly or annual memberships will have an greater benefit in that they have to check in only once every two hours.

Rental rates now start at $3 per hour. A monthly membership is $20 and an annual membership is $80.

The changes are based on feedback from 500 riders who responded to a fall survey. It asked people what they liked about ColumBIKE, what could improve the riding experience and even what kept them from taking a ride.

Implementing changes to enhance the ColumBIKE experience is a positive step. It shows that the Park Foundation cares about making the bike-sharing program as good as possible, and that the voices of users matter.

Continuing such a method of public involvement and periodic review would help ensure the bike-sharing program provides a great experience for all users for years to come.