Court news – May 27

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

Allied Collection Service vs. Zachery Gaither, Chandler Lane, $4,406.19; Katherine Girdler, Hope, $2,573.58; Jess R. Hadley, Fairview Drive, $1,709.83; Shawna M. Hayes, Seymour, $1,493.02; Bertha L. Henderson, Westport, $2,891.71; Janelle D. Hodge, Holton, $1,711.95; Cynthia A. Holwager, West Georgetown Road, $3,187.89; Donald W. Lovins, North Riverside Drive, $1,264.50; Kathryn E. Murphy, Seymour, $2,881.97; Angel Murray, Seymour, $1,718.70; Michael Powell, Connersville, $1,620.80; William R. Splain, Vevay, $1,360.30; Zachary Altum, Franklin, $1,359.75; David Ballenger, Edinburgh, $1,405.77; Courtney D. Condon, Tanager Drive, $3,255.18; Heather D. Corya, East County Road 400S, $1,934.63; Troy A. Cowan, Robert Drive, $3,801.83; Christopher N. Freeman, 13th Street, $1,273.30; and Christopher Murr, North County Road 200W, $3,989.13.LVNV Funding LLC vs. Danny Knotts, Taylorsville, $711.62.

Thomasson, Thomasson, Long & Guthrie PC, vs. Kimberly Y. Watts, Lafayette Avenue, and Rhea D. Halfacre, North Vernon, $3,000; Yogesh Patel and Naya Jivan, West Jonathan Moore Pike, $1,004.23; Jason T. Weddell, Seymour, $343.59; and Craig A. Carter, Greensburg, $2,269.85.

American Family Insurance vs. Skyler Alan Horn, Pence Avenue, $2,175.

Allied Collection Service vs. David L. Howell, Hope, $1,739.90; Martha D. Kleinpeter, Seymour, $1,944.04; Bradley R. Martin, Flat Rock, $1,298.41; Abby L. McGovern, Lawton Avenue, $1,909.66; Megan E. Murray, Campbell Street, $4,990.40; Bryan N. Laraway, Brownstown, $2,061.27; Michelle M. Lewis, Cayman Court, $2,458.19; Elisa Mendoza, Triangle Court, $1,555.92; Kenneth M. Moore, Nashville, $2,157.38; Dylan K. Mounce, South Holiday Drive, $4,640.90; Christopher Hensley, Seymour, $2,319.80; Sherre L. Hoeping, Greenfield, $1,866; Allen L. Hoover, Hope, $4,342.42; Ivy Hornback, West County Road 230S, $1,305.73; Suzanne B. Johnson, Parkview Drive, $3,219.63; Brenda L. Jones, Norman, $1,733.12; and Alex O. Long, Taylor Road, $1,538.

Allied Collection Service vs. Tabitha A. Ayers, North Waterford Drive, $3,031.85; Cynthia J. Foley, North Riverside Court, $4,819.46; Anthony M. Fox, Madison, $2,763.91; Anthony L. Graves, South Brooks Street, $2,177.05; Brandon W. Green, Edinburgh, $2,813.14; Kevin M. Green, Westenedge Drive, $2,025.41; Nicholas R. Green, Cheyenne Court, $1,894.19; Zachariah J. Green, Ohio Avenue, $2,551.46; Kayla Hardin, California Street, $1,652.42; Devin R. Fear, Williamsburg Court, $2,335.20; and Charity J. Hendren, South Jonesville Road, $1,454.35.

Rick A. Young, West County Road 300S, vs. Robert “Bob” Dale/Quality Builders, Franklin, $6,000.

C. Richard Marshall vs. Debra S. Deyo, Virginia Street, $1,749.14.

Steve and Amanda Snyder, Greensburg, vs. Marvin and Susan Harris, Werner Avenue, $1,975 and eviction.

Eagle Accounts Group, Greenwood, vs. Owen and Tonya Anderson, Lawton Avenue, $877.49; Misty Palmer, Bowery Street, $1,557.01; and Jeffrey Leech, Continental Drive, $520.54.

Susie Wallace, Edinburgh, vs. Sally and Larry Campbell, Edinburgh, $620 and eviction.

Travis Mouser, Hope Avenue, vs. Jeremy and Allison Grimer, Hartsville, $1,300 and eviction.

Chelsey Figg, Heltonville, vs. Samantha Hardy, Della Road, $5,400 and eviction.

Equity Property Management vs. Jason Welsh, South Country Brook Court, $2,178.39 and eviction.

Julie Smith, West County Road 800S, vs. Bloomfield Apartments, Sims Court, $1,186.42.

Cambridge Square Columbus vs. Javiah D. Best and Janiqua O. Bennett, Cambridge Square Apartments, complaint for eviction.

Debbie Weiler, Columbus, vs. James Phelps, Cottage Avenue, $960 and eviction.

Debbie Buis, Greenfield, vs. Mike and Melissa Browning, 17th Street, $2,475 and eviction.

Alex Whitted, Washington Street, vs. Ray Scheible, State Road 46W, $645.51; Harold Rich, Champaign, Illinois, $792.22; Alex Fetter, Edinburgh, $733.79; and Jennifer Durbin, 28th Street, $600.28.

DEF Rentals, North Newbern Road, vs. Brianna Bryant, Eighth Street, $870 and eviction.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Anastasia Crase, Union Street, $500 and eviction.

Linda Keller, Jolinda Drive, vs. Baily A. Branstetter, Nashville, $6,000.

Growby’s RTO, North National Road, vs. Jessica Wade, Edinburgh, $1,607.55.

Allied Collection Service vs. Brittany L. Joy, North Mapleton Street, $5,261.46; Whitney R. Law, Thresher Drive, $2,504.77; Sergio Lopez, Rosewood Lane, $5,147.07; Tana M. Marshall, Hope, $3,787.68; Jo Linda Meier, East Spring Drive, $2,386.58; and Michael D. Munoz, Washington Street, $3,134.81.

Allied Collection Service vs. Brittany N. Dutcher, Pine Ridge Drive, $5,474.65; Cassidy England, West County Road 300S, $1,795.80; and Leslie N. Fairchild, West County Road 525S, $2,934.64.

Patton Management, 25th Street, vs. Carol Morris, Prairie Drive, $896 and eviction.