Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. expressly grants and prohibits access to certain materials on school provided computers. Here is a quick-hit list of do’s and don’ts included in current school policy.

Students will receive information about appropriate online behavior, including, but not limited to, use of social media to interact with others online, interacting with individuals in chat rooms or on blogs, recognizing cyberbullying and understanding cyberbullying is a violation of corporation policy and learning appropriate responses to cyberbullying.

All computers, telephone systems, electronic mail systems and voice mail systems in the school corporation are the school corporation’s property and are to be used for business purposes. BCSC reserves the right to access and review all electronic and voice mail, computer files, databases or any electronic transmissions in its system and staff members should have no expectation that any information contained on such systems is confidential or private.

The Student Code of Conduct governs students’ use of the corporation’s personal communication devices (computers, tablets, e-readers, cellphones, smartphones or any other web-related device) and applies to devices connected to the corporation’s network, the corporation’s Internet connection or online educational services (Ed-Tech).

BCSC has implemented technology protection measures (those that filter or block) access to visual displays or materials that are obscene, constitute child pornography and/or are harmful to minors, as defined by the Children’s Internet Protection Act. The school corporation also has technology to monitor online activity of students to restrict access to these materials that could be harmful to minors.

The director of technology may temporarily or permanently unblock access to websites or online education services containing appropriate material, if access to such sites has been inappropriately blocked by the filters. The determination of whether material is appropriate, or inappropriate, shall be based on the content of the material and the intended use of the material.

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