Around Town – May 30

May 30

Orchids to

• Clara Eckert for the honest, no-nonsense description of the problems with the Southern Crossing roundabout in her letter in Friday’s paper.

• Bible Church of Columbus for the wonderful patriotic service and music Sunday morning.

• the city of Columbus for a thrilling patriotic concert on Friday.

• our men and women in uniform for all you do to preserve our republic.

• the attendees at the patriotic concert wearing protest attire as “protest is the highest form of patriotism.”

• Officer Nibarger, Officer Maddix, Dr. Christie, Amia Hendry and Dr. Federle who, on April 3, all worked together to save my life and give me a second chance.

Onions to

• those who don’t understand that what Dear Abby once said, “A church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints,” means that by Monday some churchgoers will be sinning again, but hopefully not as much.

• people who make assumptions instead of getting facts.

• school administrators who make teachers pass students who have not earned a passing grade to boost graduation numbers.

• the person who robbed a disabled person at the Bartholomew County Library last Saturday.

• those who burn trash at night, causing breathing difficulties for everyone.

• schools that hire teachers who are not certified.

• the person who acted very unprofessionally by attacking and yelling at a coach as he was having a conversation with another coach.

• sports writers who don’t bother to learn that not every tennis shot is a volley, from a former tennis parent.

• administrators who play favorites.

• the person who stole our antique double rocking chair with new cushions, which was a family piece, from right in front of our house.

Happy Birthday to

• Eleanor McQuery, from your family and Donna.

• Noah Brouse on No. 3, from Dad, Mom, Papaw, Mamaw, Claire and all your family.

• Lisa Simmons, from Mom and Dad.

• John Welch, from your daughter.

• Ella Wainscott on No. 5, from Granny and Papaw Rich, and from Mommy, Daddy, Erik, Adisyn, Tara, Grandma Marvin, Debbie and Bill.

• Angie Prather, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jackie McKinney.

• Seth Stone.

• Andy Hunnicutt.

• Rovena Hartwell.

• Hailey Lange.

• Ava Wade.

Happy Anniversary to

• Doug and Debbie Settle, from friends at the Moravian Church.