Around Town – June 1

Orchids to …

• Columbus Post Office workers for collecting food for our food pantry, from the Columbus Salvation Army.

• Shawna Netser and staff at Columbus Signature Academy — Lincoln for a wonderful Donner Field Day, from a grateful parent.

• Tim at AAA Locksmith for coming to the rescue, fixing an ignition-key problem on a busy holiday weekend, from a grateful customer.

• the Rev. Josh Calhoun for the awesome message Sunday evening at Apostolic Hope Tabernacle, and to his cousins, Greg and Katie, for their contribution of wonderful music, from Apostolic Hope Tabernacle.

• Kaliah, Quincy and Corbin East on amazing grades for this school year, and to Quincy for earning the President’s Award for all A’s in seventh and eighth grades at Central, from Mom and Mike.

• Isaac Jackson for receiving the DAR Outstanding Work in American History Award at Columbus North High School.

• everyone who lowered their flag to half staff in honor of our fallen veterans on Monday.

• Larry Lucas for helping me move my car at the Visitors Center on Tuesday night, from Frank Jerome.

• the nice lady at Whipker’s Market who gave a cancer patient a flat of strawberries.

• A1 medical transportation for awesome service, from a Columbus client.

• Bus No. 90 for the doughnuts, Whitley and Shannon Fields for the hot chocolate and gift card, and all the friendly waves and hugs from crossing guards at Richards Elementary School.

Onions to …

• the elected official and the letter writer.

• the neighbor who let their small dog yap inside their fenced-in back yard for years, waking us in the morning and keeping us awake at night.

• those for allowing the professionals on its website to say they are certified in specialties they are not.

• the rude neighbor who parks in front of our house instead of in their own driveway.

• people who babble pure nonsense in the Onions column.

• the person who cleans their lot at Springer Cemetery and throws the trash down at the front gate.

• those turning Columbus into a tourist trap.

Happy Birthday to …

• John Ruble, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Easton Bradley Peterman, from Grandma Hege.

• Morgan E. Stone.

• Carol Ashbrook.

• Alyssabeth K. Stewart.

• Stephanie Meek.

• Jerry Bragg.

• Kevin Batt.

• Emily Flack.

• Elaine Cheever, from Mom and Marty.

• Hallee Turner, from your family.

• Nita England, from Mom and the family.

• Rick Wade, from Carol Wade.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Gerry and Judi Rea from the DeLays and Donna.

• Joshua and Morgan Carlton, from Mom and Mark.

• Jeremy and Jackie Martin, from all your family.