Letter: 4-way stops are more effective than roundabouts

From: Wilford Lutes


I fully agree with the author of the letter to the editor in the May 26 Republic regarding the roundabout. I was always under the impression that the purpose of a roundabout was that no one has to stop. Any roundabout that is smaller than Monument Circle in size and width is too small.

When I travel west toward Interstate 65 I go down by the post office to avoid the 11th Street roundabout. A while back I was planning on going east of Seymour on U.S. 50. Since the time was shortly after 5 p.m. I did not want to get into the heavy traffic west to town, so I decided to try the U.S. 31 roundabout. As we approached it the traffic slowed, and when it was my time to enter I saw a van coming from my left. I had to stop as he passed by. How does that help the traffic flow? I returned by I-65.

Again I say, a four-way stop with warning signs and rumble strips would be a lot less expensive, and be safer.

With building these and adding lanes to interstates in the middle of the country, it is no wonder there is not enough money to repair the highways we have without raising taxes.