Letter: ‘Greatest Generation’ soldiers deserve gratitude

From: Dot Yeaton


The Salute concert was wonderful, as usual, but I missed the customary concluding number, “Stars and Stripes Forever” with the piccolos. I love those piccolos and never leave until they finish playing. Maybe the Phil just didn’t have any piccolo players this year? Don’t know, but that’s not the purpose of this letter.

As I was leaving, I noticed an elderly gentleman a few steps ahead shuffling along. Since my pace was a little faster I passed him, but couldn’t resist looking back. As I suspected, the insignia on his cap and shirt bore evidence to his military service. I couldn’t help wondering, “Why was he was alone?”

Then the next day I wondered why this grateful American senior citizen didn’t have the courage to approach him and say, “Thanks.” I’ve regretted that omission. He was probably one of the few who stood to be recognized for their service in World War II. I promised myself the next time I see one of these soldiers of “The Greatest Generation” that I’d pause long enough to express my gratitude. I hope you will, too.