Court news – June 4

Douglas Richard Burbrink, 29, South County Road 650E, and Erica Jo Monroe, 28, South County Road 650E.

Nicholas Scott Parker, 34, East County Road 120S, and Nicole Denise Miller, 36, Lafayette Avenue.

David Russell Drew, 23, Autumn Leaves Drive, and Heather Kaitlyn Lockman, 23, Autumn Leaves Drive.

Randy Allen Firestone Jr., 29, McKinley Avenue, and Genieva Nicole Meyers, 27, Smith Street.

Jason Dale Handt, 33, Gilmore Street, and Britteny Michelle Kelley, 31, Gilmore Street.

Saskia Nadine King, 19, Hope, and Kolby Joe-Douglas Ketchum, 21, Hope.

Courtney Hannah Reeves, 25, Deaver Road, and Jason Andrew Hall, 37, Deaver Road.

Michael Willis Muse, 35, Continental Drive, and Miranda Rae Bolt, 35, Continental Drive.

Kathryn Michelle Wiglesworth, 26, Limestone Lane, and Nathaniel Louis Phillips, 27, Limestone Lane.

Michael Stuart Wise Jr., 26, Fall Valley Drive, and Cassandra Anne Blackburn, 26, Fall Valley Drive.

Jonathan Timothy Saxe, 27, Cedar Ridge Drive, and Emily Susan Webster, 25, Newsom Avenue.

Chad Michael Emmitt, 29, Hope, and Stephanie Kay Mathis, 28, Hope.

Wesley Danielle Bunch, 28, South County Road 100W, and Brett Michael Barger, 26, Scipio.

Leah Mae Moore, 26, Cosby, Tennessee, and Sean Michael Saylor, 28, Cosby, Tennessee.

Cody Allen Nay, 29, South County Road 100W, and Viki Ann Grimmett, 28, South County Road 100W.

Rachel Jane Roberts, 22, Seymour, and Jonathan Scott Cain, 25, McCullough Lane.

Jillian Rebecca Keller, 30, East Spring Drive, and Travis William Zilch, 34, East Spring Drive.

Benito Lagunes Jimenez, 42, Edinburgh, and Evelia Sanchez Hernandez, 41, Edinburgh.

Robert Lee Taylor, 34, East Sunland Road, and Millissa Sue Heilman, 24, Nicholas Lane.

Brian Keith Findley, 35, Reed Street, and Jessica Dawn Smith, 26, Reed Street.

Matthew S. Long, 26, Naperville, Illinois, and Kathryn Joy Meyer, 27, Baltimore.

Eric Logan Durnil, 28, North Keith Drive East, and Heather Ann McCarty, 28, North Keith Drive East.

Yukie Furukawa, 31, Chestnut Street, and Patrick Grant Snyder, 32, Chestnut Street.

Ronnie Glen Vincent Hardy Jr., 33, North Drummond Drive, and Diana Nicole Foote, 33, North Drummond Drive.

Leroy Leonard III, 29, Hope, and Anastacia L. Hickey, 31, Hope.

Hillary MaKay England, 24, South Lincoln Village Drive, and Emily Linette Kelsey, 28, South Lincoln Village Drive.

Kelby Eugene Stovall, 34, McShane Street, and Courtney Leigh Faulkner, 20, McShane Street.

Zachariah Benjamin Roberson, 31, North Cherry Street, and Nicole Lashay Wilcoxon, 33, North Cherry Street.

Mary Elizabeth Warner, 27, Miami Drive, and Brian William Cowell, 27, Trillium Way.

Dulce Maria Yanez, 25, Ohio Avenue, and Bradley Ryan Hashman, 25, Ohio Avenue.

Billie Mischele Sapp, 35, McCullough Lane, and Bradley Adam Keith, 35, McCullough Lane.

Jessica Kalyn Goodrow, 23, Grammer, and Christpher Michael Brown, 24, Flintwood Drive.

Lu Chen, 28, Stony Ridge Drive, and Michael Jeffrey White, 27, Chicago.

Morgan Elizabeth Marshall, 27, Taylorsville, and Dante J. Miller, 30, 19th Street.

Jerry Michael Eugene Roberts, 21, Sims Court, and Jasmine Elaine Bennitt, 22, Smith Street.

James Harrison Taylor, 60, South Catalina Drive, and Anita Louise Ryker, 57, Serenity Drive.

David Lynn Doty, 43, Franklin Street, and Alisa Dawn Hill, 43, Limestone Lane.

Lisa Marie Green, 33, Grammer, and Aaron Matthew Abrams, 30, Grammer.

Devin Michael Gilpin, 28, Wedgewood Court, and Jessica Marie Asay, 30, Wedgewood Court.

Jennifer Ann Mullis, 44, North Lincoln Village Drive, and James Marvin Hanasik, 44, North Lincoln Village Drive.

Patricia Susan Forister, 50, North Vernon, and Scott Bruveris, 53, Miller Court.

Riley Jordan Shroyer, 23, North Hughes Street, and Raegan Lily Leffler, 20, North Brooks Street.

Ashley Anne Tow, 26, California Street, and Phillip Grant Stephens, 34, California Street.

Brianna Lynn Kelsey, 25, North Lincoln Village Drive, and Jonathon Paul Grider Jr., 27, North Lincoln Village Drive.

Anamae Hassan Bosquez, 28, Thornton Court, and Carlos Andres Gasteazoro Martin, 29, Thornton Court.

Scott R. McCloskey, 49, Pearl Street, and Shannon Irene Wilson, 36, Pearl Street.

Jeffrey Dustin Curtis, 27, Orchard Creek Drive, and Patricia Michelle Keller, 23, Cleveland Street.

Tierney Marie Spiker, 22, Thresher Drive, and Kevin Michael McNamara, 23, Thresher Drive.

Anthony O’Neil Ison, 49, Easley, South Carolina, and Dalisay Natividad Salvador, 52, Philippines.

Katherine Nicole Collins, 32, Bonesteel Drive, and William Omar Reed, 40, Bonesteel Drive.

Shakti Saurabh, 28, Fieldstone Drive, and Parul Chadha, 27, Fieldstone Drive.

Matthew Karl Tape, 33, Kinney Lane, and Sara Emily Burton, 32, Kinney Lane.

Justin David Hodapp, 24, East Meadow Ridge Road, and Chelsea Renee Mathis, 23, German Drive.

Nahum Lopez, 29, Eighth Street, and Araceli Olan, 37, Eighth Street.

Audrey Jean Whitted, 29, Hillcrest Drive, and Travis Walters, Regency Drive.

Jason Mode Burns, 33, California Street, and Brittany Sue Vaught, 27, California Street.

Ashly Alpha, 31, Timbercrest Drive, and Richard Palmer, 31, Timbercrest Drive.

Penny Sue Clemenz, 51, East Hillcrest Road, and David Paul Fear, 49, East Hillcrest Road.

Sandra Kaye Walker, 62, North Vernon, and Randy Earl McCain, 63, Elizabethtown.

Michael Casey Miller, 26, Hope, and Samantha Erin Denny, Grammer.

Patrick Aaron Burke, 24, Chesterland, Ohio, and Dellamarie Cecilia Woon, 23, California Street.

Heather Michelle Holland, 34, Marilyn Street, and Michael Eugene Reeves, 37, Marilyn Street.

Kristy Nicole Miller, 25, Williamsburg Court, and Timothy L. Fletcher, 29, Crothersville.

Robert Dewayne Turner, 53, Chestnut Street, and Amanda Elizabeth Whitten, 37, Sycamore Street.

Leslie Ann Siegel, 49, East County Road 650S, and Juan Carlos Lara, 46, East County Road 650S.

Robert Rodriguez, 31, Lafayette Avenue, and Nicquiah Gail Weiler, 32, Lafayette Avenue.

Ashley Nicole Spivey, 23, Pennsylvania Street, and Matthew Todd-Ray Williams, 25, Pennsylvania Street.

Shelby Taylor Newkirk, 23, South County Road 250W, and Leighton Todd Howe, 25, South County Road 750E.

Laura Elizabeth Gentry, 48, Lawton Avenue, and Joseph Lee Fair, 40, Greenwood.