Around Town – June 6

Orchids to …

• St. Bartholomew School for its inclusiveness and academic achievement.

• Connor Hensley for earning the Silver Honor Roll at Smith Elementary School, and to Preston Hensley for earning the Silver Honor Roll at Rockcreek Elementary School, with love from Mamie and Pappy.

• the person who placed a garden gnome in our flower bed on County Road 400S, from Diane and Don Meier.

• the Howard Herron family for help over the years.

• the Kohl’s customer for placing my Harley bling on my Tahoe in the parking lot on Sunday.

• the Donner Aquatic Center, the Donner Swim Club, the coaches, officials, swimmers and volunteers for hosting an amazing swim meet.

• Keepsake Village for the great family cookout.

• Columbus Regional Hospital’s emergency room employees, doctors and nurses for their kind care.

• Abraham and Cameron for helping an older woman to her car Sunday night.

Onions to …

• people who want to live out in the country but don’t want farmers to act like farmers.

• those who don’t understand that farming is dependent on the weather and that the farmers working at 1 a.m. would most likely rather be in their beds.

• people for permitting more trains to pass through Columbus, especially at 7 a.m. on weekends, and wake up those who’ve worked all week.

• people who don’t understand that they can either get another job or drop the $200 cable bill and $100 cellphone bill to instantly become more “livable” if they don’t make enough money.

• the museum that sells old historical photographs.

• the business with the filthy parking lot.

• people who have their noses in the personal business of others.

• employers who overwork and underpay employees.

• animal owners who constantly pull and yank on the leash when walking their dogs, making the walk not at all enjoyable.

• some drivers who think that owning a truck means they can bully their way through traffic.

• The Republic on Sunday for not mentioning the 300 county residents who recognized Memorial Day outside of Columbus.

• the church that has misquoted John 14:6 on its sign for more than a week.

• people who don’t realize that Columbus is not a town of variety, but a town of quantity.

• anyone still thinking roundabouts are safer after reading about the five people injured in one Friday.

• the company for not fixing all the yards they destroyed and promised to have fixed by summer.

• people who think sitting in a church will make them religious.

• the person or persons who stole my child’s yellow doll at the pool on Friday.

• the person who stole the Zelda backpack with playing cards and sentimental items from the hotel May 30.

Happy Birthday to …

• Stephen Patton, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Silas Thomas Paulin, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Faith Robertson.

• Lester Perkinson Jr., from Mom and all the family.

• Karyn Konetzka.

• Judith Droddy, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Jeff Huffer, from Aunt Judy.

• Arvella Gilpin, from your family.

• Grandma/Nana, from Josh, Ashley, Myles, Brandy, Tristan, Avery, Tyler and Travis.

Happy Birthday to …

• Kim Seim.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Greg and Alison Simo on No. 25, from the Weddle family.

• Jimmie McGaha, from your wife Reba.

• Happy Belated Anniversary to…

• Josh and Katie Burnett, from friends at the Moravian Church.