Hats off to CSA Lincoln

A local elementary school got into the graduation spirit this year by dreaming up a local event to honor former students who graduated this year from one of the three public high schools in Columbus.

Columbus Signature Academy – Lincoln campus first-grade teacher Lori Cash gets credit for the idea, which had the seniors participate in a pre-graduation walk-through at Lincoln on May 30. It was a hoot, with elementary students who lined the hallways high-fiving and celebrating graduation early with their 12th-grade alums.

The event framed graduation positively for the elementary students and gave them something to look forward to, while also giving the seniors a fun opportunity to stroll down memory lane before taking a next step in life.

Kind gesture

Columbus residents don’t live near Flint, Michigan, but that didn’t deter members of the local Black Lives Matter group from raising money to help Flint residents.

The Michigan city has been the center of a water quality problem since 2014, when its water source was changed to the contaminated Flint River, and in conjunction with corroded pipes caused lead contamination that is blamed for residents becoming ill.

A rally and march May 27 in downtown Columbus raised $500, and about $1,300 has been raised so far by the local organization to help Flint residents get their water pipes fixed. The group’s efforts show a significant level of care and concern that surely will be appreciated by their neighbors to the north.

Doing their part

Kudos to Columbus Signature Academy students at Central Middle School who conducted a carnival to raise money to aid in Bartholomew County’s efforts to tackle the area’s opioid crisis.

The May 31 carnival raised $2,700, which was donated to the Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress in Bartholomew County. The organization was created earlier this year to take the lead on the local opioid problem, which has included a rising number of overdoses — including some fatalities.

Supporters who dreamed up and organized the carnival and its purpose, and others who participated and donated deserve a round of applause for their worthwhile contributions.