Around Town – June 15

Orchids to …

• the good Samaritans who brought the Fairington resident back home after he fell during a walk.

• Erin at the Donner Center pool for doing the best she could to decide whether to open or close the pool on Tuesday.

• Dr. Steve Newton and staff at Hope Veterinary Clinic North for always going above and beyond, from grateful clients who are appreciative for all they’ve done for our cat.

• the neighborhoods that are concerned about safety and crime and are not worried about sheds and fences, especially if they are all looking beautiful.

• Don and Paula Sturgeon for helping us open our pool, from Evelyn.

• Tim Herron for mowing our grass when our tractor broke down, from Evelyn.

• Gordan for being a great neighbor and power-washing the side of my house, from Dave.

• Indiana Realty for putting all the American flags in the yards out at Harvest Meadows.

Onions to …

• those wanting to immerse English-speaking students into all-day Spanish instead of immersing other cultures in English.

• the city for once again thinking how 600 people feel represents how all of Columbus feels.

• anyone who has never applied for Obamacare yet opposes it.

• city representatives who don’t make individual results of public surveys available, which means it is easy to embellish the results.

• negative people who are ready to jump down your throat if you say the wrong thing or try to participate in some kind of conversation.

• people who don’t realize marijuana was made illegal by lame-minded people a long time ago, yet tobacco is legal and it has killed more people than any drug, including heroin.

• the neighborhood watch group who focuses more on book exchanges and planting flowers while refusing to acknowledge their area isn’t located on just one street.

• people who don’t see the need for more crime watches on the east side, as crime is everywhere.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jeff Brown, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Lucy Black, from the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Linda Perkinson, from Mom and all the family.

• Andrew Tarr, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• Maya Nugent, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Caitlin Schuette, from Aunt Elsie.

• Jeff Paetzel and Debbie Settle, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Traci West.

• Andy Mullis.

• Walter Dean.

• Dakota Kruse.

• Karen Hinderliter, from Jean Patrick.

• Tom Henderson, from your friends at the gym.

• Jayson George, from Mamaw and Papaw Hitch, Mom, Rylan, Kyler, Brandon, Kyle, Betty, Kirt, Marlyn, John, Penny, Charlie, Donny, Sammy and all the rest of your family and friends.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Cailyn, from Vanessa.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bill and Vickie Trimpe, from your family and Donna.