Around Town – June 17

Orchids to …

• the lady at the Dollar Tree who put all of several bags of litter into my car for me.

• the Historic Downtown Neighborhood Alliance for planting flowers on the corners of five different streets.

• Grace Lutheran Church for the tidbits of truth regularly posted on their marquee.

• Julie Greene for the spectacular photo of the storm clouds in the paper.

• Emergency room Dr. Ben Chastain for genuinely caring about his patients, as his effort to go above and beyond is much appreciated, from an E.R. patient.

• Chris Belding for power-washing my carport.

• the Historic Downtown Neighborhood Alliance for inviting all of Columbus to its book club which meets at Jill’s Diner the last Saturday of each month.

• Jerry Wayne Henry for fixing the threshold for Cecil Jackson.

• the couple who sat behind us and sent us champagne as we celebrated our anniversary.

• Alice Sechrest for her great letter to the editor that I completely agree with, from Tammy.

• Wedan Street and Performance for getting my car running perfectly.

• the couple in the Ford Escape for retrieving my grocery list from under the car Thursday morning at Walmart, from a very grateful lady.

Onions to …

• whoever designed the roundabout.

• those who would rather buy and worship alcohol on Sundays instead of focusing on who they should really be worshiping.

• people who argue for any merit-pay system for educators, from a retired teacher.

• local officials spending millions on “hope.”

• those trying to improve the appearance of State Street.

• those who throw their junk out on the curb.

• city officials who think teenagers will voluntarily attend an after-school program.

Happy Birthday to …

• Loryn Weddle, from the Weddle family.

• Bryce McDonald, from Mom, Dad and Donna.

• Virgina Risley, from the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Imogene Rogers, from Marian, the Kirbys and the Millers.

• Jodi Goecker on No. 17, from Papaw and Mamaw Goecker, Mom, Dad, Tyler and the rest of your family.

• Bryn Todd on No. 4, from Mammy and Pappy.

• Wilma Huntsman, from Jean, Mark, Kim, Kathy, Karen, George and Joan.

• Barbara Dasovich, from Kyra, Sean, Maris, Katie and Amy.

• Michael Huber, from your neighbors on Hiker Trace.