Doug Bell purchased his first Triumph car more than 35 years ago. Ever since, the Columbus man has been a fan of the classic British sports car.

Bell, 61, is preparing for his first national Triumph Register of America meet, which is based in Bartholomew County and runs Wednesday through Saturday.

The Triumph Motor Company was a British car and motor manufacturing company known for its classic TR2, TR3 and TR4 — popular sports cars from the ’50s and ’60s. The company ceased operating in 1984, but its trademark is owned by BMW.

“Triumph was a brand that had a lot of power and was affordable compared to Jaguars,” Bell said. “My first car in high school was a little Triumph, and then I’ve had them as a hobby ever since.”

The national meet attracts Triumph car owners from across the country each year for a four-day event. The meet is expected to draw about 150 people to the Columbus area this week — the third time an Indiana city has hosted the national meet since 1975.

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