Around Town – June 23

Orchids to …

• Taylor at Kroger for being so helpful Monday by coming in early to fry 100 pieces of chicken, from Patsy Harris at Petersville United Methodist Church.

• Nancy Ray for speaking up about the water crisis.

• Johnny at the recycle center for his kindness and professionalism.

• Cummins for being a great corporate citizen and sponsoring Community Recycling Day.

• Darlene, William, Joe and Shelly at the Family and Social Services Administration office for always being helpful and kind, from Sarah.

• Dr. Matthews, Donna Jean and Lisa at Columbus Regional Hospital.

• Mitzie Shipley for helping me locate my two grandchildren who got away from me in the store Wednesday morning, from an elderly great-grandmother.

• the Columbus North High School boys golf team for a great season and for going to state.

• the lady at Shiloh Baptist Church for the Father’s Day root beer floats.

• Ellen Wilson for the yummy cherry delight at Legend’s Hair Salon.

• Dee at Taco Bell on State Road 46 West for making a customer unexpectedly happy on Wednesday, from Sheila.

• John Woods for going out of your way to get shopping carts in parking lots when people don’t take them back.

Onions to …

• Railroad representatives for lack of communication concerning crossing improvements that affected Dawson Street for two days.

• all the people who had false positives of vomiting and diarrhea starting last Wednesday.

• whomever thinks it is our civic duty to pay taxes when we are taxed enough already.

• those who forget that we were all kids at one point.

• the lady who was rude to the deli clerk because her fried chicken order wasn’t ready.

• the columnist comparing Mike Pence and J. Irwin Miller.

• the city of Columbus for putting tax dollars into a bridge for the People Trail instead of fixing the roads.

• drivers turning right on red who do not yield to the traffic that has the right of way turning left with a green arrow.

• the organization that owns properties all over town but yet still feels the need to rent out space for some of their programs.

• those who consistently speed through Tipton Lakes Boulevard, endangering the lives of pedestrians.

• those not realizing the accusatory Onions about the water crisis are because we will never be presented the truth.

• voters who elect people who have no qualifications to run a city.

• owners who allow their cats to run wild in a neighborhood.

• people who tie their dog to a doghouse in a fully fenced-in yard and never pay attention to it.

Happy Birthday to …

• A.J. Goecker on No. 17, from Papaw and Mamaw Goecker, Mom, Dad, Emma, Kayla and the rest of your family.

• Geneva Wilhite, Linda Young and Eddie Burton, from the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• John Brooks, from Marian, Imogene, the Millers and the Kirbys.

• Chad Sturgeon.

• Dylan Harker.

• Bryan Trotter.

• Casha Whittington.

• Eric Clark.

• Bella Turner, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Kasey Annette Griner on No. 7, from Mom and Dad.

• Kayleigh McClintic, from Mamaw McClintic, Dad, Aurora, Torrie, Tom, Denny, Bailey, Jason, Natasha, Tony, Laurel and Dan.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Pamela Tartt.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Tim and Susan Larken, from your family and Donna.

• Donnie and Stephanie Griffin, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.