Court news – July 1

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

Earl Mann, North Brooks Street, vs. Annie Green, McKinley Avenue, complaint for eviction.Charleston Square Apartments vs. DeVan M. Olmstead and Tammy M. Wells, Charleston Place, $444 and eviction.

LVNV Funding vs. Robert Hazelwood, Franklin Street, $746.07; Tiffany Southern, Grammer, $592.21; Ashley Albertson, aka Ashley Michelle Sommers, Jonesville Road, $753.70; Peter Soler Rodriguez, North Indianapolis Road, $702.20; Peggy Morris, Fairington Court, $836.09; Jesse Bassett, East County Road 265N, $2,267.17; Kevin McDermott, 14th Street, $1,438.75; Glen Spinks, Smith Street, $1,034.58; Jane Noblitt, Wedgewood Drive, $1,589.80; and Timmy Fields, Collier Street, $640.60.

Thelma Johnson, Forsythia Drive, vs. Jerry Dillinger and Anna Brown, Pearl Street, $2,636 and eviction.

Tamara Columbia, Skyview Court, vs. Susan and Rodney Coomer, Hiker Trace, complaint for eviction.

KD Rentals, 25th Street, vs. Rebecca Deane, Hege Street, $1,486 and eviction.

Tom Hooker, North Riverside Drive, vs. Amanda Henderson Finney, Sycamore Street, $975 and eviction.

Equity Property Management vs. Stacya Nicole May, North Country Brook Court, $1,054.20 and eviction.

Amy D. Macy-Schilling, U.S. 31 South, vs. Michael Tetrick, Edinburgh, $6,000.

Richard and Rebecca Bishopp vs. Arokya Mary Sashi Papu John and Sripahti Siveraman, doing business at Karaikuda Indian Restaurant, $6,000 and eviction.

Ronald and Carolyn Hudson, West Quan Wae Drive, vs. Dottie and Ross Marks, North Tudor Court, $1,300 and eviction.

OneMain Financial of Indiana vs. Marcia K. and Jonathon L. Mack, California Street, $3,431.92.

Atlas Collections vs. Jack Bryant, Pearl Street, $629.25.

LVNV Funding vs. Karen Wiley, State Road 7 East, $857.64; and Curtis Mason, Grand Avenue, $607.19.

Arbors at Water’s Edge Apartments vs. Clonsia Taylor, North County Road 150W, $509.16 and eviction.

Vallery Phillips, Flat Rock, vs. Candie Clayburn, Factory 12 Event Loft, Jackson Street, $1,765.50.

Allied Collection Service vs. Logan R. Bode, West County Road 625S, $5,340; Rebecca Booth, Lakecrest Drive, $5,697.38; Craig A. Adams, Chandler Lane, $1,845.07; Ashton Ayers, Elizabethtown, $5,030.84; Nicole Cordray, Union Street, $2,424.35; Andrea N. Anthony, Hartsville, $2,080.66; Brian C. Culp, Sandcreek Drive, $5,748.22; Brian Darlage, Middle View Drive, $4,479.84; James M. Harris, Wexford Court, $2,091.01; and Julia G. Cutsinger, Prairie Drive, $3,471.05.

Thomasson, Thomasson, Long & Guthire P.C., vs. Christina L. McCartney, Dupont, $1,230; Christopher Scott Dykes, Jenny Lee Street, $2,356.77; Don James Hancock, Cedar Ridge Drive, $1,193.05; and Carrie B. Cooley, North Waterford Drive, $1,146.95.

Allied Collection Service vs. Karah L. Arnholt, Meadow Bend Drive, $2,807.41; Haleigh A. Blackburn, Virginia Street, $1,681.68; Kourtney Eakin, Pine Ridge Drive, $2,737.20; Alicia Elfers, North Miami Ridge Road, $1,934; Lowell E. Engelking, Franklin Street, $2,398.21; Kerry L. Fine, Smith Street, $5,718.95; and Sue L. Ford, New Castle, $1,859.21.

Allied Collection Service vs. Randy L. Haley, Greensburg, $3,583.20; Ashley R. Houchin, 14th Street, $2,323.50; Sean M. Hubbard, Hege Avenue, $1,345.10; Hannah N. Johns, Westport, $1,294.64; Amanda J. Johnson, Hope, $1,811.74; David Earl Jones Jr., Lamplight Drive, $3,772.63; James F. Jones, Westport, $1,505.06; Melanie C. Jones, Pearl Street, $5,358.89; and Stephanie Jones, Shelbyville, $2,191.25.

Columbus Regional Hospital vs. Kayla Burns, 18th Street, complaint for eviction.

Elwood Staffing Services vs. Kimberly Staggs, Hoover, Alabama, $4,315.88.

Harry and Sandra Meshberger, West Grandview Drive, vs. Zachariah Wuensch, Nashville, $1,340.

Flo J. Hull vs. Cathy Hull, Fairlawn Court, complaint for eviction.

KD Rentals vs. James McMillien, Union Street, $326 and eviction.

Canterbury House Apartments vs. Kristin Roberts, Nicholas Lane, $1,256.91 and eviction.

Atlas Collections Inc. vs. Donald Tungate, South County Road 600E, $674.33; and Stacey Ward, Cleveland Street, $680.09.

Vijay Narsinghani, Florence, Kentucky, vs. Kim and Jay Rios, Washington Street, $990.86 and eviction.

Taylorsville Tire Co. vs. Selina Hancock, Edinburgh, $396.41.

James W. Mourey, West Shady Lane, vs. Harold Dean Thompson Jr., West Shady Lane, complaint for eviction.

Gary Elgar, Elizabethtown, vs. Kristene Galarza, Elizabethtown, $500 and eviction.

Columbus Village Townshomes vs. Larry Gough, 27th Place, $1,915 and eviction.

Discover Bank vs. Luther L. Burton, U.S. 31 North, $2,639.69.

Hayes & Hayes Attorneys vs. Rebecca Salinas, South Jonesville Road, $2,719.64.

Amy Scrogham, 17th Street, vs. Shaun D. Baker, West Brookdale Drive, $1,725.20.

Elkland Hills Estate vs. Lana Wilson, East County Road 265N, $2,150 and eviction.

Kathryn Mann, 13th Street, vs. Debbie Tungett, Camden Drive, $5,270.

Betty Ford, East County Road 100N, vs. Becky Roberts, Edinburgh, $5,900.

Jonathan Myers, Elizabethtown, vs. Greg Fleetwood, Chestnut Street, $5,000.

Receivables Management Partners vs. Jaime N. Gilbert, East Fountain Way, $1,615.66; Raymond L. Lambertson, Sycamore Street, $4,489.65; Dustin A. Cox, Hope, $2,350.29; and Brian Shea, Hope, $5,999.70.

Harold and Penny Lockhart, 25th Street, vs. Jamie L. Freyn, Chestnut Street, complaint for damages and eviction.

Jamie Rose, 25th Street, vs. Vicky Shade, 25th Street, $600 and eviction.

Farmers Automobile Insurance Association vs. Rebecca Camplin, North Vernon, and Phillip M. Cochran, Kokomo, $4,238.55.

Allied Collection Service vs. John W. Abbott, Greensburg, $1,959.17.