Public library offers great space for relaxing

As we go about our busy schedules, we are often searching for that third space — that is, the space that is separate from home and work. This is a space where social interaction and conversation can flourish.

A third space is not only welcoming and inviting to others in its aesthetic appeal, but also a space that is comfortable and keeps people coming back. Not only is it an informal setting but also is a space that one can visit without any obligation attached. We often think of places like cafes and bookstores as fitting this description.

But you might consider the Bartholomew County Public Library.

We have an abundance of wonderful library resources which we see being checked out every day. The library is one of the central parts of our community. However, there are other great things that happen at your library that may be more difficult to count.

It becomes obvious when you observe parents and their children still meeting up even when there is not a scheduled story time. Or when an entire family enters the library for a special program and they all become involved.

The main library and Hope branch have different areas for reading and studying, and also places for social interaction. We have locations for adult and younger patrons to color, build, make crafts, put on a puppet show and spend time with others.

You will find tables with seating, and more comfortable seating for conversation or to just sit and relax while enjoying a good book. We are also very fortunate to have a wonderful space outside the main library on the plaza. This is a location that is often utilized for larger community events such as Live on the Plaza, Steps Through Time, Spotlight on the Plaza and more.

We are continually adding new programs. Many of our programs include local presenters who share their knowledge and expertise. If you would like to find out more about our programs, please visit our website at If you would like a tour to become more familiar with the library, feel free to ask at your next visit.

The library is a space for everyone. It is a space for families, friends and the community to come together. It is that third space.

Kelly Kennedy is the youth programming specialist at the Bartholomew County Public Library and can be reached at