Letter: Veteran graduation ceremony recognizes their achievements

From: Roger Brandt


As an Army veteran and also a person that attended the graduation awards for the veterans that completed their responsibility to the local court system, I want to say this was one of the most interesting evenings I have spent.

First of all, congratulations to the four individuals who were successful in their effort to achieve a goal I am sure they worked hard at. I wish them success in the future and keep moving forward.

For those of us that have been involved in military service, sometimes it is hard to make someone understand or realize what it is like to be in a foreign country anywhere for an extended period of time, thinking constantly day by day of your family and friends and what they may be doing.

Military training and day-by-day activities are like no other experience — one that a lot of people do not realize. One thing the military does for you is give you a good sense of responsibility. It teaches you about being independent and to realize what it means to live in a country like ours with the opportunities we have for freedom and success. It is never an easy road and obstacles constantly get in your way, but the good thing about military life is it teaches you how to get by those obstacles.

To hear the speakers at this graduation program June 27 at YES Cinema reminded me of how I knew each and every serviceman or woman in attendance and veterans felt. From the time the ceremony began, which started with one of the best songs that reminded us all of why we were there, to the ending paying tribute to a man I do not even know, but who justly deserved the recognition he received for all he has done for his country.

The speakers at this ceremony were excellent. They touched on a lot of issues that not only made you proud as a veteran but also kept the audience interested throughout the entire evening. They, along with all of the other participants in our local court system that were responsible for helping and making this program a success, should all receive a personal recognition. Listening to those who spoke, you could tell they were proud of what they had helped accomplish and help make this program a success.

To the four graduates, once again congratulations, and to all of those responsible for their efforts of achievement, they deserve thanks for a very interesting and enjoyable evening that served the community well.