Letter: Entertainment tax would be beneficial

From: Mark Duwe


On the proposed entertainment tax, there has been a lot of talk about new taxes in Columbus and Bartholomew County. It’s funny we haven’t heard a word from the Tea Party people about it.

Either way, I would actually be in favor of the new entertainment tax if it is imposed on all businesses in Bartholomew County. The tax must go to pay for three things:

  • All basic costs of text books and other fees for all public school students in the county.
  • The cost of all breakfast and lunches at every public school for all students. No parent should be charged for any of these things, ever.
  • Mental health services for all children in the public school system. Kids are under a lot of pressure and like a TV commercial keeps reminding everyone Indiana students are among the most likely to consider suicide.

These three things would take a lot of pressure off of parents and students alike. Of course, it won’t happen unless we make our voices heard. Let us begin.