Around Town – July 8

Orchids to …

• the two members of Clay Township Volunteer Fire Department who stopped to help load the heavy items into my U-Haul at the storage building on State Road 11 on Wednesday evening, from a grateful and exhausted person relocating.

• Robin Phillips for helping save a man’s life at Walmart by using CPR, and to all those who helped.

• Mark Duwe for a great letter to the editor which should encourage others to make a real difference in this community for all Bartholomew County students.

• Jalil Dawood on his column “Keeping U.S. Safe,” in the Wednesday edition of The Republic.

• all the JCPenney employees for being so kind, helpful, considerate and positive even though the store is closing.

• Lucabe Coffee Co. for being so kind to a mother with three tired children.

• the young man who helped me unload my tree brush at the city landfill Thursday, from a very appreciative old lady.

• 911 dispatch, Columbus Fire Department and Columbus Regional Hospital for taking such good care of me on Monday, from Gert.

• Debbie Kramer at Kramer’s Restaurant for the delicious food and an excellent meal, from a satisfied customer.

Onions to …

• the department that wants to revitalize a 10-year-old industrial park.

• people who can’t figure out that the “Columbus Way” is breaking the common taxpayer.

• the driver who sat in his truck after coming out of the post office Thursday, holding up a parking spot.

• adult children who do not help their elderly parents living alone.

• the agriculture-industry employee for polluting the air on the Fourth of July weekend.

• the institution that cannot seem to keep its coin counters operating.

• the officials who are not addressing the gang problem in the historic downtown area.

• people who continue to let off fireworks days after the Fourth of July is over.

• bicyclists who think they own the road, telling motorists to slow down, even though they choose to ride their bicycles on the road when there are plenty of sidewalks to do so.

• the administration of the Front Door project for lacking the foresight to understand that if you develop Columbus to the west of a train track you’re going to have delays, and for not preparing accordingly.

• the uninformed who don’t know that Indiana just raised the current gas tax rather than adding a separate tax to it.

• doctors who take a vacation and leave patients waiting more than a week for test results.

• businesses that never have enough people working at the registers so you have to stand behind customers purchasing lottery tickets.

• local government officials who evidently believe in planned obsolescence of our buildings when proper and timely maintenance could’ve prevented what is happening now.

Happy Birthday to …

• Carin Newman, from your family, Rita and Donna.

• Dina Martin, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• Lois Taylor-Johnson and Joyce Taylor-Gillaspy, from Steve and Char.

• Cory Sampson.

• Trinity Sperrett.

• Joanie Land.

• Landon Delosch.

• Rhonda Kelley, from Mom and Tom.