Letter: Championing the real champion for civil rights

From: Denton Monteith


What Mr. Vukadinovich failed to mention in his July 1 letter (“Trump just infested the swamp with appointment”) is his own frustrating legal history against Tom Wheeler.

A quick search will reveal a telling pattern of claims by Vukadinovich since the late ’80s seemingly every time things don’t go his way. I won’t detail any of them here but it was clear to me, and hopefully many other readers, that his statements were personally motivated and poorly founded.

Another quick search will reveal the many recent efforts by the Civil Rights Division to protect the very freedoms that Vukandinovich feels have been ignored. I would question where he got his information since I did not see him in attendance at the Hate Crimes Prevention Summit on June 29, just before his letter was printed. I also didn’t see him at the listening session to help college students who have self-harmed to re-enter the student population.

Tom Wheeler led both events among others and is a real champion for civil rights. Wheeler has a true passion for improvement on the issues, especially those facing our country’s youth such as bullying and hate crimes. His expertise has come from working with schools which did involve defending against the likes of Vukandinovich. Wheeler also exhibits the ability to work across party lines, which makes him a true asset to Washington during the transition and in his current role. Unlike Vukadinovich, Wheeler is not behind a keyboard and is actually confronting the issues.

For those who are behind a keyboard, I encourage you make sure you know the real story. The best way to combat hate speech and false rhetoric is with the true speech. Since Tom Wheeler is too busy with genuine matters of public interest to address this nonsense, I’ll gladly speak up for him and fulfill my duty as an active and informed citizen.