Around Town – July 20

Orchids to …

• Columbus’ Call-a-Bus service.

• East Columbus Methodist Church for an awesome men’s breakfast Saturday.

• Duke Energy for fixing the non-functioning street light.

• Annie and all of the people at Ray’s Auto Repair for taking such good care of my car.

• Judy for 12 years of taking care of us at All Saints Community and for your friendship.

• the young man in front of the big-box store for devoting his time to a good cause and the adult with him for supporting

• former elected officials who remain concerned about their local government.

• those that obey the Second Commandment to honor God rather than idolize the government and its wars.

• Fisher’s Flower Basket for their prompt delivery to the Columbus Regional Hospital for the lady with the broken hip.

• Brennen, the young man that stopped on Deaver Road and pulled my lawn mower out of the ditch.

• the gentleman who stopped and helped me change my flat tire on Terrace Lake Road, from Joan.

• the County Council for rejecting a tax increase.

• Charlie at Kay Jewelry for cleaning my mom’s Mother’s Day ring.

• women who refuse to be silenced.

• Animal Control for getting the opossum out of the engine of my car.

Onions to …

• those who complain about taxes and then turn around and complain about inadequate public services.

• those using lazy fundraising methods to crowd-source businesses or other ventures.

• the rude employee at the store.

• officials for not enforcing laws and not making homeowners clean up junk cars and boats, trash and unsightly, unsafe structures on their property.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jasmine Yang, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Effie Burton, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Bryce Loweth, from family.

• Abbi Rooks, from everyone who loves you.

• Marquita Tuck, from Jan and Rich.

• Helen Jackson, from Peggy.

• Noah Ross.

• Jessica Miller.

• Logan James West.

• Jimmy Baker, from your friends at Eagle Group.

• Susan Acton.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Roger and Ella Jean Godsey Gillespie, from John Tinkey.