Around Town – July 21

Orchids to …

• Ofelia Gonzales, a custodian at Richards Elementary, for her bravery in removing the frog from the office Tuesday morning, from Debbie, Cathy, Linda and Lindsey.

• the great street crew that picked up the limbs and debris after storms in North Presidential Parks and High Vista.

• Dexter McIntyre.

• the neighbor lady who took me to the eye doctor, waited and then returned me home.

• Mike, a United Way volunteer, for doing such a great job weeding the disabled lady’s gardens and flower beds.

• High Vista residents for their tolerance of all those who need to drive through their area while Rocky Ford Road is under construction.

• the Speer children for their achievements in 4-H.

• Isaac and Collin of Overhead Door for their sincere, caring attitudes while fixing my garage door, from Gayle Easton.

• the resident who kindly trimmed the ornamental grass back on his property to help facilitate better sight of traffic on Sawin Road when leaving the roadway on High View Way.

• Parkside Baptist Church for their Bible study and meal Wednesday night.

• Bud Herndon for bringing vegetables to the America and Roby Anderson Community Center.

• Lt. Matt Harris at the Columbus Police Department and City Councilman Tom Dell for taking time to attend and speak at the Parkside neighborhood meeting, from the residents.

• Mancino’s for all the food for my family during the grieving time of my mother, Velma, from Betty.

• the Bartholomew County maintenance department for giving the Courthouse a needed facelift.

• Tri-State Artisans and Wine & Canvas attendees for your support at the wine and canvas fundraiser Thursday evening, from Turning Point.

• the good people at HK Auto for informing me that my Honda Fit is still under warranty.

Onions to …

• higher education institutions in Indiana that are degrading the competency of our workforce by not requiring ACT or SAT test scores for admission.

• the inconsiderate bikers on county roads 550, 650 and 50E, and to local law enforcement officials for not controlling it and almost letting accidents occur.

• local elected officials for failing their obligation to fund needed projects for the county.

Happy Birthday to …

• Donna, from Babs and Don.

• Jane Goecker, from Bob, Jeri, Tom, Brandon, Kristen and the rest of your family.

• Sawyer Brown on No. 2, from Papaw and Nina.

• Paul Lawson, from your dad.

• Wanda Fisher.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Dee and Mike Gamroth, from your friends.

• Dustin and Lisa McCartney.