OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma lawmaker is seeking an interim study on how much the state spends to defend its newly passed laws in court.

Democratic Sen. Kay Floyd said she wants taxpayers to know how much it costs when the state is repeatedly brought to court to defend its laws.

“I’m only on first base, as far as approval,” Floyd said.

The state attorney general’s office will defend four bills this year from constitutional challenges, The Journal Record (http://bit.ly/2uirbuS ) reported.

Floyd said the study will show that the costs aren’t rare because the state has seen about 20 cases in the past decade. She said that also includes years when Democrats held the majority.

“It’s happened when either party was in power,” she said.

Republican Rep. George Faught said while the public has the right to know how much cases cost, going into detail about expenses could have unintended consequences.

“If it’s the right thing to do, Oklahoma needs to be doing that and not looking at the bottom line,” Faught said. “That would be the only danger I would see going forward. You want to make sure we’re not making policy decisions based solely on how much it’s going to cost if it gets challenged.”

Information from: The Journal Record, http://www.journalrecord.com