Court news – July 22

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Circuit Court. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Circuit Court complaints filed

James J. and Teresa S. Stiegelmeyer, Marion County, vs. Harry A. Meshberger, individually and Grandview Realty Inc., complaint for unspecified damages.

Amerihome Mortgage Co. vs. Christopher Deere, Taylorsville, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $87,799.37.

Union Savings Bank vs. Kimberly D. and Frank Brown, West County Road 850S, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $142.561.63.

Kerry L. Miller vs. Master Power Transmission Inc., complaint for negligence, wrongful discharge, defamation, battery with bodily waste, workplace bullying and intimidation by management and co-workers.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. vs. Sandra K. Armstrong, no address available, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

First Chicago Insurance vs. Tammy Turner, California Street, Shannon and Timothy Creamer, East County Road 265N, and Founders Insurance Co., complaint for damages.

Freedom Mortgage Corp. vs. Joshua Pitney, Orchard Valley Drive, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

JP Morgan Chase Bank vs. Jeffrey Lister Sr,. complaint to foreclose mortgage, $130,134.92.

Wells Fargo Bank vs. James A. Navrotsky South County Road 525W, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $217,516.30.

Matt Jackson vs. Stephen Moore, Prairie Stream Way, complaint for unspecified damages.

First Alliance Lending LLC vs. heirs and devisees of Carol Jones, deceased, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

Belva Joann and Kurt F. Gloger, vs. Mattress Firm, North National Road, complaint for unspecified damages.

Dissolutions of Marriage filed

Tiffany Jo Coleman, Gilmore Street, vs. Michael A. Coleman, Indiana, married November 2015, separated April 2017.

Kamie Taulman-Ronsheim, South County Road 400W, vs. Jeremy Ronsheim, Fourth Street, married July 13, 2013, separated May 1, 2017.

Amber Skaggs, Cardinal Court, vs. Charlie Skaggs Jr., North Marr Road, married June 20, 2013, separated June 5, 2017.

Debra Kay Lashley, Adkins Street, vs. Steven Howard Lashley, Adkins Street, married Oct. 18, 2014, separated June 13, 2017.

Bethany Lyn Sedziol, Hiker Trace, vs. Jonathan R. Sedziol, Hiker Trace, married Sept. 23, 1995, no separation date available, two children.

Jason Brown, 15th Street, vs. Shila Brown, Sixth Street, married Aug. 29, 2015, separated May 1, 2017.

Ruby Faye Stephens, Hope, vs. James Michael Stephens, Brownstown, married March 15, 2017, separated March 26, 2017.

Ryan Christopher Hoene, Seymour, vs. Alexa Rae Hoene, Nashville, married May 17, 2014, separated May 26, 2017, one child.

Angel Samuel Martinez Aguilar, Bartholomew County, vs. Gloria Marilu Jimenez Lopez, Bartholomew County, married May 15, 2015, separated June 15,2017.

Vernessa Burton, Charleston Place, vs. Timothy D. Burton, Eighth Street, married Sept. 23, 2006, separated Sept. 12, 2012.

Brian Houshour, Bonesteel Drive, vs. Jennifer Houshour, Clifford, married Aug. 21, 2004, separated February 2017, three children.