HUNTINGDON, Pa. — A man accused of supplying the stolen weapon another man used to shoot and kill a Pennsylvania state trooper has been sentenced to five to 10 years in prison.

Twenty-eight-year-old Bradley McMullen, pleaded guilty to a felony gun theft charge in April, was sentenced Friday in Huntingdon County.

Investigators said McMullen stole a .32 caliber pistol from his father and traded it for drugs to Jason Robison, who killed 23-year-old rookie trooper Landon Weaver when the trooper went to his home Dec. 30 to arrest him for defying a protective order. Police said they later cornered and killed Robison when he refused to drop the pistol.

McMullen’s attorney sought a one- to two-year sentence, but the judge imposed a stiffer term than was recommended in a presentence investigation.