LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A sewer district spokesman says hundreds of fish have been found dead in a Kentucky creek.

Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District spokesman Steve Tedder tells The Courier-Journal that a few hundred fish died in Hite Creek this month.

Ford Motor Co. spokeswoman Kelli Felker says a urea pumping system leaked at the company’s Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville. Urea is used to reduce emissions in diesel engines.

Felker says the compound traveled through Ford’s wastewater treatment plant and was released into a sewer leading to a Metropolitan Sewer District treatment facility. It eventually reached Hite Creek.

Tedder says the sewer district’s preliminary investigation is ongoing.

Louisville kayaker Matt Becker says he saw “a lot more” than a couple hundred dead fish Saturday in Harrods Creek, a tributary of Hite Creek.

Information from: The Courier-Journal, http://www.courier-journal.com