OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has agreed to rehear the appeal of an Oklahoma death row inmate convicted of killing his girlfriend and her two children, then burning their mobile home in 2010.

The court granted the hearing Monday to 34-year-old Shaun Bosse, who was convicted by a McClain County jury of three counts of first-degree murder and arson and sentenced to death.

Bosse was accused in the deaths of 25-year-old Katrina Griffin, 8-year-old Christian Griffin and 6-year-old Chasity Hammer. Their bodies were found July 23, 2010, in their burned mobile home in Dibble, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) south of Oklahoma City.

The appeals court has previously upheld Bosse’s convictions and sentence. Judges granted a rehearing to consider certain appellate issues they say may have effected Bosse’s trial.