The movie Columbus: ‘Waited my whole life to be in a film like this’

Want to see the movie “Columbus” before it debuts in the city it was filmed in?

The movie’s distributors have released a schedule of screenings across the nation. Click here to find out where the film is showing before it hits Columbus on Sept. 1.

And here’s some other “Columbus” news —

Actor John Cho tweeted this out just a few minutes ago:

Some background —

“Columbus” was filmed last summer with a small cast and crew mostly downtown from July 31 to Aug. 20 and included shoots at more than a dozen architecturally significant buildings in the city, ranging from City Hall to the Bartholomew County Public Library.

The movie focuses on a 19-year-old Columbus resident, played by Haley Lu Richardson, trying to decide whether to leave home and pursue her dreams as she cares for her mother, a recovering addict. She strikes up a friendship with a 29-year-old man, played by John Cho, visiting the city from Korea to be with his dying architect father. The father came to town on a getaway to study the city’s noted buildings.

The two main characters find respite in each other and in the Modernist architecture surrounding them, according to the movie’s promotional material.

The film was the first for a Nashville, Tennessee, director who goes by the single name of Kogonada.