MADISON, Wis. — Reaction to the news Wednesday that Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn planned to build its first U.S. plant in Wisconsin, a $10 billion investment that could lead to the creation of 13,000 jobs over 15 years:

“This is a once-in-a-century opportunity for our state and our country, and Wisconsin is ready. We are calling this development ‘Wisconn Valley,’ because we believe this will have a transformational effect on Wisconsin, just as Silicon Valley transformed the San Francisco Bay Area.” Gov. Scott Walker

“This decision will create thousands of good jobs, and I’m excited for all the Wisconsinites who will benefit. … This is an exciting day for our community, and we look forward to working further with Foxconn as we begin a new era of manufacturing here in Wisconsin.” House Speaker Paul Ryan

“The University of Wisconsin System has been engaged in these discussions from early in the process. … Powered by a collaboration of industry, education, and government, the UW System and Wisconsin are fully prepared to support a global enterprise like Foxconn.” University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross

“This is a day to remember in Wisconsin; this is a huge opportunity for our state. The selection of Wisconsin will impact generations of families. The manufacturing plant will provide thousands of new, good paying jobs and spur economic growth throughout our state.” Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos

“It’s an exciting opportunity. … We want to make sure it’s a fair deal for everybody. We want a win, win, win.” Assembly Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca

“While I welcome new businesses to the state, I want to ensure any state-subsidized private sector jobs offer a living wage and safe working conditions. … I am cautious of committing taxpayers to decades of economic costs and liabilities.” Democratic state Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling

“I have said repeatedly that Wisconsin is the best kept secret in the Midwest. Today, the secret is out.” Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce President Kurt Bauer

“Today’s announcement … is a great example of what can happen when we all work together. It’s also a testament to the strength and appeal of our workforce and the commitment from many levels of government to devote the resources needed to invest in the kind of infrastructure that will attract and retain global talent.” Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele

“This is awesome. It is not only a regional and national victory for southeastern Wisconsin, it is an international game changer for our region and state. FoxConn could have located anywhere in the world, and chose Wisconsin.” Republican state Sen. Van Wanggaard

“I welcome new business and jobs to Wisconsin. … While we are all thrilled at the prospect of new jobs coming to the state, it is entirely reasonable to be cautious of a scandal-plagued job creation agency handing over taxpayer funds to foreign investors that could potentially leave Wisconsinites with the bill decades into the future.” Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairwoman Martha Laning

“Foxconn’s announcement allows thousands of Wisconsinites opportunity and the chance at success. Wisconsin is working and winning, thanks to Governor Walker.” Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Brad Courtney

“It is with good reason that Wisconsinites are not yet willing to blindly put their faith, and money, in a feeble jobs promise. We’ve been deceived by Walker’s rose-tinted glasses before.” Democratic state Sen. Chris Larson

“10,000 good-paying, family sustaining jobs for Wisconsin is a great thing for our state — period. This should not be a partisan issue.” Democratic candidate for governor Andy Gronik