Around Town – August 1

Orchids to …

• Ronnie’s Body Shop for repairing the lawnmower tires for a disabled veteran free of charge after another place refused, from a family friend.

• Sonja Shull for becoming our new manager at All Saints Community, from Pat.

• Brandi, whom we could not get along without, for all that you do as the service coordinator at All Saints Community, from Pat.

• John Jaquess with Jaquess Incorporated for the all the good sweet corn.

• William and Ryan Carr for the excellent mowing job, from a disabled person.

• Mark on 19th Street for sharing his tomatoes.

• Roy and Sheila for the concert tickets.

Onions to …

• those responsible for the cleanliness of The Moving Wall Memorial panels.

• those who support the administration and identify as a Christian.

• the manager who cannot be honest and upfront about the replacement.

• people who blame the president for stalling when it’s the Democrats who are sabotaging his every move.

• the administrators of the facility for not supporting a good cause.

• all the drivers who continue to run the four-way stop at 22nd and Midway.

• people at the charitable organization who run people off by thinking they are in charge of everything.

• those who have nothing better to do than criticize the women painting and hiding the rocks around Columbus as an effort of goodwill and encouragement.

• anyone who doesn’t realize that universal health care from birth to the grave should be a right for all U.S. citizens.

• the company that refused to refund my $32 for an unused item returned in just a few hours.

Happy Birthday to …

• Shelley Burton, from Whosoever Will Church.

• Cristi Adams, from Sarah, John, Melissa, Scott, Gerald, Lenora, Stanley and Vivian.

• Steve Foley, from Linda, Dalton, Mikayla, Colt and Maverick.

• Klynt Brummett, from Grandma Martin.

• Cheryl Mize.

• Jaxson Ryderstone.

• Trenton Warren Jackson.

• Paula Compton, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jaxson and Helen, from Grandma Norma.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Sandy Spangler.

• Tom Dempsey.

• Cody Thompson.

• Gary Wheeler.

• Anniston Spartz.

• Kaitlyn Flack.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Fred and Patsy Taylor, from Whosoever Will Church.

• Anthony and Michelle Harker, from friends at the Moravian Church.