Letter: Legalization of marijuana wrong direction to take

From: Gordon L. Starr


This letter is written in response to Edward Cherlin’s letter published in The Republic on July 16. In Mr. Cherlin’s letter, he is advocating legalizing the use of marijuana. Mr. Cherlin uses the tactics of identity politics in which one demonizes the person stating a position rather than the position itself.

He suggests that if you are against the legalization of marijuana, you are a member of the flat-earth society. There are some facts of which Mr. Cherlin needs to be aware. First, in states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, the number of arrests for driving under the influence has increased measurably and dramatically. Second, the use of marijuana by teenagers has increased significantly.

While no deaths from overdosing on marijuana have been reported, it is a fact that it is used as an gateway substance for the use of more addicting and dangerous drugs. None of these results make any positive contribution to our society and community.

Legalizing the recreational use of marijuana is clearly taking us in the wrong direction.