Letter: Sheriff’s deputy does right thing by ensuring safety

From: Kenneth Landreth


On July 26 in the afternoon I was sitting at the vet’s place just south of Taylorsville waiting for my daughter to come out with her dog. All at once, my day got happier.

Some folks pulled off U.S. 31 by a cross that was put where someone had died. A lady got out of the car, went over the bank and started pulling grass and weeds from around the cross. Was this her family or a friend? But then a sheriff’s deputy pulled up, turned on his lights and got out of his car. He looked like he was 7 feet tall.

But that isn’t why I am writing this; he walked up to the other folks that were with this lady, talked to them and then went back, got in his car and stayed there until that lady finished her job. When everyone got done with what they had come to do and pulled back onto 31, he then left. This sheriff’s deputy made my day. I hope the sheriff has many more like him.