Letter: Silence from elected officials ‘deafening’

From: Dennis Baute


We know President Donald Trump (normally very quick to criticize) was extremely reluctant to condemn white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, until widespread media attention eventually forced him to do so. Vice President Mike Pence failed to criticize Trump on this most basic of presidential duties and once again performed “mop-up duty” but supported the president unconditionally. We will no doubt continue to see many photos of Trump with Pence looking on adoringly.

Our local elected officials, too, have been far too quiet condemning Trump. Is it too difficult to criticize Trump on something as basic and important as equal rights for all? Are we really interested locally in improving minority relations and equal opportunities? Can we not “walk the talk”? Are we really a welcoming community? Will minorities and companies believe our rhetoric?

Other than Mayor Jim Lienhoop’s participation at the Aug. 13 rally on the steps of Columbus City Hall, the silence from our elected officials is deafening.

We are better than this.