Columbus residents see iconic works of Modern architecture all around the city, even if they do not intentionally seek them out during their daily activities. With more than 50 examples of Modern structures by renowned architects, the design is woven into the fabric of the community.

Starting Saturday, people will have an opportunity to see 18 new, temporary designs that will be stitched to the community for three months when Exhibit Columbus kicks off.

The event features the temporary design structures — including the five winners of the J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize — alongside iconic community structures architecture through Nov. 26. The three-month exhibit is the second-part of a two-year effort that started in 2016 with a symposium and workshops on architecture, art and design.

Exhibit Columbus celebrates the city and its architectural heritage and is intended to get people interested in design and their community in a new way.

Attractions such as Exhibit Columbus are of great interest and value to creative people, which will likely help the city’s effort to attract and retain talent.

Local residents should take the time to visit the structures, most of which are located downtown. Exhibit Columbus provides an opportunity to learn more and expand one’s horizons, and see Columbus in a new light as the temporary structures tie in with elements of the city.

Exhibit Columbus is a good quality-of-life addition to the community, and yet another example of how the city is “different by design.” Visiting the art structures will help residents see that for themselves.