Letter: Community turns out to show respects

From: Kylie Webster


On Tuesday, we found solace in our community. A large crowd of supporters gathered along the route of Jonathon Hunter’s motorcade procession returning his remains, stretching from Columbus Municipal Airport to Barkes, Weaver & Glick Funeral Home on Washington Street.

People from every walk of life lined the streets, weathering the pouring rain. The newlyweds holding hands with hope for the future. The business people coming out to show their support. The guys we grew up with holding up a proud flag in honor of their fallen brother. The golden-age residents, braving the weather to pay their respects. And the parents with their little boy standing, saluting his hero without falter. These are only a few of our community who showed up to give respect to our fallen neighbor.

For those who have not been following this story, Jonathon Michael Hunter of Columbus was a 23-year-old American Army sergeant serving in Afghanistan and was one of two killed by a suicide bomber on Aug. 2. Our thoughts are with him, his wife and family, and the soldiers who fight every day to keep us free. We thank you.