Around Town – August 29

Orchids to …

• The Republic for checking on me to make sure I got my newspaper Sunday.

• the assistant manager who so graciously assisted me without me having to ask to be able to grow in my role.

• our neighbors on Imperial Drive for the delicious melon.

• Judy for the wonderful quilt you made me because I love it, from Irene.

Onions to …

• those responsible for devolving our communication skills via mail and email to a Twitter-like 140 characters or less.

• people who continue to worry about tourism and how the world sees Columbus instead of worrying about the city’s residents.

• local law enforcement agencies for not enough patrolling of alleys near schools.

• whomever is responsible for the amount of time it’s taking to complete Rocky Ford Road.

• those who want to build monuments to rich Southern slave owners who sent poor white Southerners to fight and die for them.

• any family who hosts gatherings in parking lots of recreational facilities, using lawn chairs to save spots and allowing children to ride bikes between cars, instead of going to a park.

• those who think inclusiveness means thinking their progressive way.

• everyone who supports those who want to “Make America Hate Again.”

• those who need to address city streets for cleanup, painting and repair and not just focus on installing new art and architecture, as good as it is for the city and downtown area.

• customers who use a shopping cart to transport one grocery or shopping bag to the parking lot, making more work for the clerks to return all the carts to the store.

• all the planners and designers who can’t seem to include everybody.

• people who don’t hold deacons and elders accountable.

• the enablers who continually make excuses for behavior that is hurtful to themselves and others.

Happy Birthday to …

• Brenda Pitts, from your family and Donna.

• Rhonda Wilder, from your family and Donna.

• Donna Smith, from your co-workers, Carl and Annette.

• Skyler Morrow, from Jessica, Mason, Ryder, Jenny and Stephanie.

• Dylan Greathouse, from Grandpa, Mom, Shawn, Katelynn, Gabby, Sammy, Nana, aunts Retha, Becky, Vera, Jan, Teresa, Bridget and Ginny, uncles Larry, Ronnie and Henley and the rest of your family.

• Dave Harris, from Jan.

• Sheila McMullen, from Charlotte, all your family and friends at St. Bartholomew Catholic Parish.

• Betty Dodd, from your sisters, Brenda and Rosa.

• Donna, from Chris.

• Judy Zeigler, from Haylen, Memphis, Don, Chuck and Stormy.

• Doug Settle, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Braden Young.

• Joan Venable.

• Josh Bowman.

Happy Birthday to …

• Keegan Smith, from Georgina, Donna, Jessica, Jay, Ankit, Julie, Leslie and Beth.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Dan and Wanda Lunsford on No. 45, from all your family.

• Happy Belated Anniversary to…

• Michael and Vicki Newby, with love from your family.

• Betty and Everett Sims on No. 75.