HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania utility regulators took a U-turn over a tour operator’s tuk-tuk.

The Public Utility Commission ruled Thursday it doesn’t have jurisdiction over Timm Wenger’s three-wheeled, open-sided electric shuttle after all.

Wenger plans to use the tuk-tuk to offer sightseeing tours of Lancaster. His venture has the backing of the city’s mayor, police chief and many residents.

The PUC, which licenses taxis and other for-hire transportation services, originally turned down Wenger’s application, citing safety concerns. Wenger appealed.

The PUC now says it lacks jurisdiction over Wenger’s tuk-tuk because the purpose of his business is to offer entertainment, not to provide transportation. The commission also notes that Wenger won’t be picking up and dropping off passengers along the way.

The commission says it still has concerns about the vehicle’s safety.