GOLDENDALE, Wash. — Washington wildlife managers have confirmed the state’s first case of a viral infection specific to deer.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife says adenovirus hemorrhagic disease, which can be deadly to deer, was found in a herd east of Goldendale in Klickitat County.

This type of AHD is specific to deer and has been found in other states, including Oregon and California.

State wildlife biologists say it’s likely that Washington has seen the deer disease before this year though it wasn’t documented.

The disease is transmitted by direct contact between deer. Officials say it’s not harmful to livestock, pets or people.

Wildlife officials investigated after receiving reports of dead fawns in July and August. The agency worked with landowners to find fresh carcasses. Tissue samples sent to a lab at Washington State University confirmed the AHD virus.

There is no known cure or treatment for the virus.