Until people experience an event for the first time, it’s impossible to know for certain how it will be received. Judging by initial interest shown by the public in Exhibit Columbus during the exhibition’s opening weekend, they can be no doubt about the response.

The three-month exhibition of 18 temporary installations around Columbus — including the five Miller Prize winners — has embellished the city’s strong ties to design and architecture to residents in a new, creative way.

It’s been popular, to say the least.

Residents have been flocking to the works to see what they’re like, and the works have become great conversation starters. Social media has been lit up with photographs and comments about the installations. Exhibit Columbus has been a big hit with younger residents, too.

The reactions speak well of the imaginatively designed structures and their intent, not to mention the efforts of the organizers.

Organizers originally estimated this year’s three-month exhibition would attract about 20,000 viewers before it closes Nov. 26. Judging by the foot traffic downtown as the final works along Fifth and Washington streets opened, that number may be a conservative projection.

That bodes well for the remainder of the exhibit’s run this year, and for additional exhibits in the future.