ST. PAUL, Minn. — A Minnesota couple’s relationship began while donating blood at the State Fair’s bloodmobile.

Denise Konder and Josh Elfstrum had their engagement photo taken outside the Red Cross Bloodmobile at the fair on Aug. 24, the Pioneer Press reported.

The pair met at Eagle Brook Church in Woodbury in 2013. Konder said she knew Elfstrum had a little crush on her, but she was dating someone else at the time.

However, they were both single in 2014 and decided to go to the state fair as just friends.

They spotted the Red Cross Bloodmobile and both signed up to donate blood.

Konder said a volunteer saw them waiting to donate and said “the couple that gives blood together, stays together.” Kondor said it’s since become an inside joke for them.

“We didn’t have the heart to tell them we weren’t dating,” she said.

The couple plans to get married Nov. 11.

They’ve given blood together twice since, including donating the day after they got engaged.

“It’s a fun way to celebrate,” Konder said.

Information from: St. Paul Pioneer Press,