Two arrested after suspicious vehicle report

Two people were arrested after a report of a suspicious vehicle behind a business in the 6000 block of South Jonesville Road.

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Deputy Leah Burton was sent there at 11:56 p.m. Thursday, as the business had recently been the target of an attempted burglary, deputies said.

Burton located the suspicious vehicle, a silver SUV, parked at the rear of the parking lot behind the business and talked with the driver, who said the vehicle had an issue and was disabled.

Burton spoke with all four occupants in the vehicle asking why they were at the business and said their explanations were inconsistent.

A second deputy arrived and checked on a second vehicle in the parking lot, whose driver, Bryan Tucker, 27, 9943 Raintree Drive N., said he was there to pick up one of the occupants of the SUV, deputies said.

Deputies searched the SUV after a K9 alerted to narcotics in the vehicle and located a syringe and narcotics paraphernalia underneath one of the seats. Ownership of the contraband could not be determined, deputies said.

Burton located a purse, which belonged to Kristan Nigh, 22, Greensburg, which contained two syringes and several pieces of narcotics paraphernalia, deputies said.

Bryan Tucker
Bryan Tucker
Kristan Nigh
Kristan Nigh

The K9 also alerted to narcotics in Tucker’s vehicle, where police found narcotics paraphernalia and powder residue inside plastic bags, deputies said. Burton said there were also substances in the vehicle that are commonly used for methamphetamine production.

Nigh was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of a legend drug injection device and is being held on $57,500 bond in the Bartholomew County Jail, deputies said. Officers found additional contraband when Nigh was searched at the jail, deputies said.

Tucker was arrested on charges of illegal drug lab possessing two or more reactants, possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia, deputies said. He is being held in the Bartholomew County Jail in lieu of $175,000, jail officials said and is also on a 72-hour-hold with no bond.

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