Around Town – September 6

Orchids to …

• Adam Rediker from the Bartholomew County Historical Society for the excellent Saturday Sampler for kids at the Yellow Trial Museum on Saturday, from the Yellow Trail Museum.

• Marvin Truex for providing transportation for a disabled person to church.

• the Speer family for the pictures they sent me on Labor Day.

• The Republic for publishing information about Hurricane Harvey.

• all the churches that guide a disabled person.

• the Rev. Larry Rowe and Columbus Second Baptist Church for looking over a disabled person.

• Thomas at Chick-fil-A who got soaked helping two ladies get to their car during a downpour Aug. 29 and to Marian who loaned us an umbrella.

Onions to …

• people who have let this town become divided into downtown Columbus and the rest of Columbus.

• those who install irrigation systems and show lack of consideration and privacy to non-farming neighbors.

• the person who took my umbrella from the critical care unit waiting room at the hospital.

• people who are assigned one job but cannot handle it without calling or texting a coworker during family time and occasionally past midnight.

• whomever hit our dog Friday morning on State Road 11 because you took a beloved family member and companion away from us.

• those who establish an excessive entry fee for a parade.

• lawmakers who are finally returning from three- and five-week vacations instead of staying and working on the urgent problems of the debt ceiling and 2018 budget.

• the person who removed the anniversary and the birthday balloon at Garland Brook Cemetery on Sunday.

• my neighbor who won’t stay out of my yard but has no-trespassing signs directly pointed only toward my yard.

• the waste of my tax dollars on a metal bridge over Haw Creek and sculptures around Columbus when Eastridge Manor is being flooded by Sloan Branch and nothing is being done about it.

• my brother-in-law who takes money from my mother when he does something for her, knowing she’s on tight income.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sheryl Frost, from your family, Rita and Donna.

• Ron Adams, from your family and Donna.

• Pat McInteer, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

• Jim Jessee.

• Vi Beeker.

• Donald Lee Barriger Jr., 1st Sgt., U.S. Army (retired), from wife Dianne, Ray, Amber, Kathi-Lee, Rob, Samantha, Michael, Belinda, Kimberley, Marcus and all your grandchildren.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Terry and Deb Johnson, from your family and Donna.

• Harry and Darlene Harker, from friends at the Moravian Church.