CHICAGO — A hearing is underway to determine whether a former Chicago priest should remain locked up at a facility for sex offenders.

Daniel McCormack has served a five-year sentence for molesting five boys of his West Side congregation. However, the state of Illinois wants him committed indefinitely.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Assistant Attorney General Joelle Marasco said McCormack suffers from “pedophilic disorder”— sexual attraction to children. She said he is likely to harm youngsters again if released.

Marasco pointed out McCormack continued molesting boys even after he was arrested for sex abuse in 2005. None of McCormack’s victims are expected to testify during the hearing, which is expected to last until Friday.

If Judge Dennis Porter rules McCormack is a “sexually violent person” the former priest will remain at the state mental hospital in downstate Rushville or another state institution.

Information from: Chicago Tribune,