Around Town – September 7

Orchids to …

• Mt. Healthy Book Buddies volunteers for making this school year so successful, from Patra Jones.

• Emily Hartmann, for your kind soul and the hard work you give to this community each and every day, from your daughter.

• Dr. Raymer and his staff for a three-week-earlier appointment and to Dr. Raymer and the hospital staff for a smooth, painless procedure.

• President Trump for phasing out DACA.

• County Councilman Matt Miller for fighting for his county and not raising taxes, as he promised.

• Tammy Miller for all the effort and uncounted hours you spent before and even after the hospice concert, going above and beyond the call of duty.

• the Rose Theatre in Port Townsend, Washington, for showing the “Columbus” movie — fun to see it there.

• Doug Southern Roofing for the a job well done in repairing our roof in Presidential Parks North.

Onions to …

• companies that try to force their political views on employees who are capable of reaching their own conclusions.

• those who choose to overlook the facts that illegal immigrants are breaking the law, playing off people’s emotions to justify it.

• the serviceman who refused to do the services I requested, which made me call his company and get someone else from his company to do the work.

• those who do not acknowledge wedding gifts with a simple thank you.

• people who think their rallies will change anything.

• those protesting the president’s action on DACA without understanding the dynamics of the decision.

• people responsible for making the movie “Columbus.”

• the parking-pass winner who thinks her pass is good at all locations of a local nonprofit.

Happy Birthday to …

• Connie Roberts, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Charlotte Weber, from your friends and coworkers at SIHO.

• Abram McCarty and Lillian Cooper, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Trey Tapke, from Grandma Hege.

• Joanna Newman

• David Gates, from Mom, Bobbi, Kaydence, Steven, Easton, Stephanie, Jessica, Skyler, Mason and Ryder.

• Dick Gardner

• Sam Meek

• Clara Grace Morgan

• Aleah Tedder Smith

• Jenna Malinsky, from Justin, Natalie, Abby, Nicholas, Maddie and Eli.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Randy and Teresa Gearhart, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Barry and Jenny Ferrill, from your friends.